The Vineyards of Girardet

Shale Rock Vineyards

The 30 acres of estate vineyards have been named Shale Rock Vineyards, in reference to the vast shale deposits we have discovered in the soils. They are very rich in turbidites, a type of sedimentary rock composed of layered particles that grade upward from coarser to finer sizes and originated from ancient currents in the oceans. These soils are 10-15 million years old and are world renown for growing the best wines with a smooth, complex mouthfeel.


The Old Vines

The original vineyards were first planted in 1971. Many of these now look more like small trees than they do vines. Some old trunks have been cut down and replaced with a starter shoot that still shares the old vine’s well-established root system.

The vines are farmed using sustainable methods, growing natural grapes in a healthy environment. Beneficial insects and cover crops are used to keep the vines healthy without the use of pesticides, and selected animals are encouraged to live in the vineyards and keep pests away. Dry-farming techniques are used to produce small, flavor-packed berries and conserve water. The vines are always hand-harvested and pruned.

The adherence to these natural, Old-World ways has led to the creation of many award-winning wines over the decades.

vineyard sketch