Meet our small group of wine slaves who
have joined forces for your drinking pleasure…



dog in vineyardFrancois

Francois came to Girardet as a young winemaker-in-training, and apprenticed under Marc as a constant companion. He does a bit of vineyard management, driving the tractor and chasing birds, and helps from time to time in the tasting room and at events.

His favorite wine is Cayuga, because it pairs well with kibble and doesn’t have an overpowering nose.

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man and small dogMarc

Marc Girardet is a second-generation winemaker, having learned at his father’s side from a young age. Since becoming the winemaker in 1999, Marc has brought promising new varietals to the vineyard and practices a bit of unusual farming as well.

Marc’s favorite wine is the Sangiovese, but he is looking forward to drinking the yet-to-be-released Teroldego, which will be released in 2018.

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It was Summer of 2008 and Cara was wrapping up her per-requisites for the nursing program, when she began helping out with the wine festivals. A gregarious creature and long time fan of Girardet wines herself, it wasn’t hard to sell. At some point she went from working for wine to drawing a paycheck…

She wears many hats and loves how dynamic her roll at the winery is. She has a passion for rescuing animals, and has given a new home at the vineyard to so many animals that we are now “an animal rescue shelter that dabbles in winemaking.”

Not only a connoisseur of wine, but also of hot sauce. She says, “It makes me feel alive!” She aspires to one day make her own line of hot sauce, when she grows up. In addition to wine and hot sauce, she has a passion for her husband and the great outdoors. Her greatest challenge in life is learning to ride her new dirt bike. She is thankful to have never fallen victim to a case of the dreaded and mysterious “Pine Mouth.”

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Devey moved to Oregon in 2009 after being disillusioned with selling wine in Las Vegas. Upon finishing all three wine programs at Chemeketa, she got sidetracked in the craft beer industry, only to return to wine after getting married to a gorgeous hunk. Devey has a wide array of interests that include moody teenagers, growing things, fermenting things, eating things, shooting things, throwing raucous dinner parties, food politics, upcycling, obscure grape varietals, her chickens, operating large machinery, and a fascination with insects.

At Girardet, Devey farms the thirty acres of wine grapes, helps Marc make the wine, and has become adept at using a chainsaw, a power washer, and a forklift. She enjoys a special relationship with CoCo the rooster and Mo, our resident Calico. You can often find her in the vineyard chasing rabbits or in the barrel room sneaking samples of Teroldego, which she deems as quality checks. She loves having visitors in the vineyard and on the crush pad and has been known to put unsuspecting guests to work while she distracts them with wine.

Lee Esterbrook

Lee is a 30-year veteran of the local timber industry who decided the wine business sounded like more fun than trimming boards. He joined the Girardet team in 2015 and brings an energy and enthusiasm into everything he does at the vineyard, whether it’s pruning vines, driving tractors, harvesting, bottling wine, or helping drink a bottle at the end of a long day. There is always something to do around the farm, and Lee is just the guy to get it done.